The full details of Niggle and Beverly's relationship need not be discussed here. That discussion is best kept to late nights around the camp fire among people who know how to keep a confidence.

And those details are sordid. How do I know this you ask? Well it was I who introduced them and consequently have always carried some guilt for what followed.

We didn't really know Beverly, she was new in town, a friend of our friends interstate. She didn't know anyone so we brought her along as a guest to Niggle's housewarming.

Well they just hit it off right from the second they laid eyes on each other.

Little did we did we know that this was the start of a life long relationship.


Niggle couldn't have been happier. She was soft spoken, very engaging and also seemed to like the company of his mates.

Niggle started to bring her along on some of our trips where she was always the life of the party. Beverly was a huge hit on out trip to the Fink in 1992, and they still talk about her visit to Kulgara.

After a while, the wanderlust caught her and she took off for parts unknown, travelling the country with the likes of Ronny Parker and Company. She would occasionally send a postcard from a race meeting somewhere around the country so we knew she was OK. It was a bit tough on Niggle as he missed her terribly.

Can't tell you how happy he was when she was returned to him. But she was never quite the same, she'd picked up some very shoddy tattoos along the way and had suffered a rather terrible leg injury, she'd also developed a persistent cough. 

Nobody knows what happened to her after Niggle died. But she lives on fondly in our memories.