Lake Eyre and Gammon Ranges

I recently did a trip (3,800km) up to the Warburton River, around Lake Eyre and then down to the Gammon and Flinders Ranges. These are some of the images I came home with. My route is outlined in blue on the two maps.

Lake Eyre 002
Sunset 001
Map Lake Eyre
Map Gammon Ranges
Sunset 006
Gammon Ranges PANO
Warbarton River 003
Warbarton River 004
Sunset 005
Lake Eyre 006
Warbarton River 002
Sunset 003
Warbarton River 001
Lake Eyre 004
Lake Eyre 003
Lake Eyre Moonlight
Lake Eyre_Panorama1 copy
Gammon Ranges 006
Sunset 002
Sunset 004
Lake Eyre 005
Lake Eyre 001
Gammon Ranges 002
Gammon Ranges 003
Gammon Ranges 005
Gammon Ranges 001